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In order to provide smart wiring solutions, DIGI-TEL, in Los Angeles, California, only uses the best systems the industry has to offer. Our company offers products from the following companies:


NEC America is an industry leader in North America’s communications industry. It has been pioneering technology and delivering advanced business communications systems since the early 1970s.


In this day and age, business requires efficient and seamless communication to enable customer responsiveness and rapid decision-making.

NEC’s UNIVERGE 360 is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) succeed at an accelerated level. It does this by placing people at the center of communications.
The UNIVERGE® SV9100 communications server is essential in this initiative. It is the ideal system for SMBs that wish to grow their companies over time.

This solution is robust and rich in features. It can also be expanded to meet present and future communication needs. The SV9100 is designed to be versatile and completely scalable for growing business requirements.
It also supports TOM, IP, video, and wireless systems. Additionally, this server provides three onboard applications and various high-powered features that can be transparently shared between branches or remote locations.

By using this feature to communicate seamlessly in real time, individuals, departments, and locations can work more efficiently.


Effective and reliable communications are essential in today’s highly competitive business environment. You must invest in a unified communication solution that lets you take advantage of productivity-enhancing IP applications.
This solution is NEC’s SL2100 communication system. It is designed to deliver increased performance throughout your organization.

This unique platform is ideal for any small business. With the SL2100, your team will become more reachable, responsive, and productive.

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Sangoma is the world’s most reliable business-grade internet phone solution. It is the only internet phone service provider that offers fully integrated, end-to-end monitoring and management solutions for your critical business and telecommunication needs.

Competitors often claim to provide “business-grade internet phone services.” However, none can match the quality of Sangoma. No one has gone to the lengths they have to ensure your critical business calls get through.


RingCentral provides clients with cloud computing-based business phone systems that are ideal for today’s mobile and disturbed business world. Its technology platform eliminates the need for expensive and complex on-premises legacy phone systems.

It also combines a hosted, multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality. This simplifies business communication for modern and flexible business environments.

With RingCentral, SMBs enjoy world-class business functionality that was once only available to large corporations. Its capabilities include:

  • Auto-Receptionist
  • Business Answering Rules
  • Call Transfers
  • Elegant Integration With Smartphones
  • Extension Dialing
  • Flexible Extension Structure
  • Multiple Voicemail Boxes
  • Smart Call Routing

Additionally, this technology platform allows businesses to connect all employees as if they were in the same office, improve customer communications, and boost productivity.

It also provides every telecommunication capability that today’s businesses demand. With thousands of business customers, RingCentral has earned top industry honors, including:

  • The 2010 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award
  • The PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award
  • The Small Business Computing Excellence in Technology Award

RingCentral’s headquarters is located in San Mateo, California. The company is privately held with backing from Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, DAG Ventures, and other Silicon Valley-based venture capitalists.

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